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There is nothing better than capturing the emotions and essence of a special moment. Everything around you is a photo and EVERYONE can take a photo.  You don’t always have to be ready to smile or looking at the camera. Some of the best moments are those that occur without your permission. Our mission is to ensure that each of our clients have an “Oh my God” moment.
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At GreyMatter Photography, pictures are truly worth a thousand words. My photos tell your story. With such a unique style, I will capture those moments that will surely leave you surprised, happy and satisfied with our services. Eye (I) Am Nikki B… With my photography services based in Chicago, I will travel the world to capture your photo needs. I pride myself in taking great pictures but the relationships I develop with my clients are an awesome bonus. Getting to know you, my client, allows for an amazing client-to-photographer experience, great photos and a relationship that will surely last a lifetime. GreyMatter Photography’s mission is to make sure that you have an “OMG (Oh My God)” moment- everything around you is a photo and EVERYONE can take a photo. I will catch those moments that you least expect and you’ll be glad that I did.
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