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As the client you deserve the best service and product possible. There is no reason why your concerns, questions or comments should go unattended. However, being a client does NOT give you PERMISSION to be disrespectful, rude, verbally abusive and etc.

So in an effort to get both the Photographer and Client on same playing field her are some tips for Clients. The Tips for Photographers was posted prior to this!

* As always accept the Truth and Move on!*


  1. KNOW that… Yes, your business is important to us (Photographers)!!!
  2. We work our butts off to make sure you are pleased with our work!!
  3. Attitudes alters our actions!! If your mean, disrespectful, rude and etc. it will not help the situation but hinder it. Some people aren’t as nice as me and I know a few photographers that would have easily gave my Disgruntled Client (in the earlier post)a ear full.
  4. Help work toward the solution not hinder it with a negative attitude
  5. It’s okay to be frustrated, but the same respect you are entitled to, so are WE!
  6. It is NEVER okay to hang up on someone!!
  7. Give credit where credit is due….When a photographer is doing everything they can to correct things and are proactive about doing it, BE THANKFUL!! ┬áBeing professional and polite is not a given with ALL Photographers or entrepreneurs.
  8. Remember that ALL PEOPLE ARE HUMAN…mistakes happen
  9. Remember that your COMPUTER/LAPTOP is NOT PERFECT EITHER!!
  10. Remain calm and give us the opportunity to make things RIGHT!!!
May 16, 2011