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Hey friends,

To be completely honest I have no clue about blogging right now!! Um.. I simply told my GD (Graphic designer) that I needed a BLOG and BAM! here it is. Soooo….. I am going to try my best to BLOG as much as I can.

What am I going to talk about? That’s a great question. Honest Answer: I HAVE NO CLUE!!

I can tell you that I will be displaying a lot of my photography and really try to draw a connection between Life as EyE SEE IT & Life as I/We Live it!

Oh, yea and I plan on writing like I talk, something I think you all will appreciate. I do not claim to be anything but who I am. EyE Am Nikki B.

From this day until…My GOAL is to carry my camera around and take photos of everything in connection with Life. There is so much out here for us to learn and so many things, people and places to learn from.

It is my H.O.P.E that I can in some way impact your day and your thoughts in a positive way. I want to make you smile, cry, laugh, think, relate, and share your own stories.

I pray that you are patient with me as I give this a try! And as I H.O.P.E  I pray that you take the things I discuss and H.O.P.E too!!

EyE Am NikkiB. 

EyeAm Pushing Through Life Too...EyeAm a smile that will encourage friends and family that Life does get better!EyEAm Enjoying and Living A Spontaneous Life!

EyEAm Nikki B.

EyeAm Unfraid to Live life..to see everything, everywhere with everyone!EyEAm Bashful and shy at times!

May 13, 2011