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Hey friends,

Yesterday started off to be a great day, but some how a client turned it upside down! So today, I would like to give my fellow photographers some advice on dealing with clients

As always I hope that readers can accept the truth and move on! lol

Sooo… Photographers:

Your clients are not only looking for GREAT PHOTOS, but they are also looking for a certain type of service. Every client regardless of what they say want to feel like they are THE ONLY CLIENT you have at that time. In an effort to feed into this overbearing need I suggest the following:

  • 2 P’s (Patient & Polite)

    Clients will try you!They will get to texting, calling and blowing you up until the issue is resolved. I have had  clients that have issues that I have no control over! Case in point:“My CD is Blank”…(True Story)Okay the first response is  I apologize, second is I’ll get you another one.  At this point you should already know that the Client is getting ready to feel some type of anxiety. Sooo…


  • Be Accommodating

     A New CD/DVD” I burn another CD/DVD and test it then deliver it to the client. WHY DELIVER IT??? To put the client at ease, let them know you care and sorry for the inconvenience the black CD may have caused. Also, when you drop off the cd wait to make sure it works. NOW RIGHT HERE is where things go H.A.M… I realize while waiting for the client to review the CD that I should have brought my laptop and or hard drive with me just in case. But I checked the CD and it’s okay!!!WRONG!!!

  • Act FAST

Blank CD #2

Sitting in the car, the Client calls to say that CD #2 is blank….OH GREAT!!! Damn I don’t have my lap top…think FAST!! Ask about the equipment used to read the CD…That usually gets you no where but it’s a standard thing to do I think. Then bit your lip and swallow your frustration..because by this time I/you already know it’s not I/you or the CD but the Clients jinky computer. Well that’s the assumption. Also be PREPARED for MAJOR ATTITUDE!!

So the first thing I do is Reassure the Client that this is weird and has not happened to me, but I’m are willing to burn another CD, burn the files onto a USB stick and or personally load the photos to their computer from my hard drive. The only thing is I need to go home to get my equipment.

By this time the client has lost patience! It’s whatever now…to them this is the WORST service ever, ridiculous, stupid, what’s so hard about burning a disc..and blah..blah..blah…

They totally disregard the fact that it could just be their jinky computer or laptop. In most cases they haven’t tried it on any other computer but theirs.

Just my luck the client is on a time crunch….in the mist of  giving them the option and apologizing they hang up on you. THIS IS WHERE I BREATHE DEEP!!

Getting into a back and forth argument only makes things worse!

I realize that I have a couple clients that I gave CD too within the last two days. So I call them and have a great conversation. The client loves her photos and goes on and on and I kindly interrupt to ask if she was able to access the photos with no problems. YES!!! YES!!! I had no problems they are lovely. Now I realize things can happen but hey….I didn’t do anything different when I burned the last 2 CD’s for the Disgruntled Client.

INCOMING…Text Messages from the client! GREAT!!


    So now I’m getting text messages from the client about how unhappy they are and frustrated and etc. Instead of engaging and verbal battle, I simply wrote a message say that I would never intentionally burn a CD that doesn’t work, and I am working to resolve the issue by doing whatever that you ask of me. I do apologize sir.

Which brings me to the next point:

  • Resolve the issue ASAP

SO now I’m headed home to figure this out! My Sunday is now so off schedule. None the less I want to get this client out of my hair. I arrive home and burn another CD and await the client to let me know what they would like me to do since they so nicely ended the call! The client request that I put the photos on the usb stick and that a friend will pick it up. Great, kindly have that friend pick up a stick and I will do it. Oh, No! Now the client wants to know if I have one they can borrow and will return.

  • BREATHE DEEP you almost got this figured out!

After breathing and recalling the prior events that day…like:   the abrupt end of a call and the not so pleasant text messages sent to me and….I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT GIVE YOU MY hard drive and or USB..which contains my life and work on it and HOPE that the disgruntled client returns it.

I nicely say, No I don’t have one. At the same time I take time to look for any USB sticks that I may have laying around with stuff I don’t care about. I find one and try but the files are too big. By this time the client has passed me off to their friend..so now I’m communicating with them.

I talk to the friend that wants me to try and burn it again and meet up. So I comply..I burn CD #3 then drive to meet the friend. Did I tell you gas is now $4.69 per gallon!!

I meet with the friend, pop the CD into their laptop and TAAADAAA..the photos come up and I make sure the friend sees them.

Finally it’s over!!  The job is done and I am drained because of the inconvenience I have endured.

EyEAm NikkiB:  Owner of GreyMatter Photography, Respectful, Giving, Big-Hearted, Professional and I GO ALL OUT FOR MY CLIENTS! I would never disrespect my clients, or ignore their concerns and or request. I work hard to make sure I give 100%, on time and accessible to clients. However, don’t be surprised if I start denying services to clients with a prior history of being nasty, disrespectful! In short more those type of clients are more of a HEADACHE than a PLEASURE to work for and with!!


Business Can be A Headache!!

REALLY??? For REAL??? You talking to me??

I'm confused...

May 16, 2011